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About Luba

Luba Evans is a visionary and internationally known lecturer on spiritual, personal and holistic health issues. Luba says that the inspiration behind her work is her vision of personal growth, liberation, return of divine feminine, sacred union of feminine and masculine, connection to the source and the idea of living the life 
as a spiritual practice, a life of service. 
She is the founder of Anima Mundi Institute and Galiana Meditation Retreat. She is an author of two books: “Healing the Broken Heart” and “Anyone Can Meditate,” along with two plays: “When the Gods are Laughing” and “Dreamcatcher.”
 Suzanne Somers Presents Luba As A Featured Speaker and Top Love Coach At Harvard Business School
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Luba's Vision

Luba is committed to facilitating change in the world for ourselves and for generations to come. She has been dedicated to to the evolution of consciousness as far as she can remember herself, working with individuals, couples and groups all over the world.

Luba came to US at the age of 19 from Russia, when her daughter was 2 years old. She spent most of her life as a single mother, and as a founder and CEO of a successful interactive media company WebMechanics in New York City, serving non-profit organizations like United Nations, Hadassah International, Court TV and PBS to express their messages through digital media.
Luba Evans has lead more than 250 workshops and retreats around the globe in the last 15 years.
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Luba's Work

Luba is a coach to coaches. She runs regular trainings in New York, as well as intensives and residential retreats at her retreat center Galiana.

She also teaches in Europe, India and South America serving a global community of students.

Luba taught more than 250 different workshops and retreats.

Luba has created multiple on-line self study courses, and conducts weekly on-line trainings helping thousands of people manifest the life that they want. 

In Luba's own words...

“…I am here to to help restore the ability to feel and love, maximize our potential as humans, rejuvenate, heal, shift to a whole new dimension of possibilities. Life is sacred. Every moment of it is priceless.” ~ Luba
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Luba Evans Is Getting Her Clients To Get Guys When Other Coaches Fail:
Luba Evans
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